Saturday, 29 August 2015

Chafe's Landing in Petty Harbour-Maddox Cove

I have only ever been to Petty Harbour-Maddox Cove twice.  The first time, about two months ago, hubby and I took a Sunday drive out there, and I fell in love.  It  is so picturesque, almost hard to believe it actually exists----especially just 20 minutes outside of St. John's.

My second visit was amazing.  Hubby and I, daughter and son-in-law, niece and visiting sister made the trip.  We had reservations at Chafe's Landing, for(according to hubby's friend from Petty Harbour, Ed), "the best onion rings and fish & chips on the island".

What a beautiful spot!!!!  The restaurant is set up in a lovely old house--boasted to be the oldest house in Petty Harbour.  We were ushered upstairs and seated at a huge wooden table that normally seats eight, so we had lots of elbow room.  The atmosphere was warm and the staff were very efficient and friendly.  I wish I had taken the name of our server because he was awesome!!  We ordered drinks and studied the menu, while our fellow diners were having huge platters of fabulous looking food brought to their tables. 

The variety and the prices were great.  We ordered onion rings for an appetizer and each ordered our main course.  The onion rings were amazing, but we were all so wrapped up in the festivities and chatter that I didn't even get a photo!! However, I get get a few snaps of some of the other food. 

The portions were huge.  Needless to say, more than one piece of cod and a fish cake was brought home in take-away boxes. 

This is a one-piece codfish and chips, with a side of coleslaw.............

A couple of us tried the seafood chowder, which was absolutely dreamy--loaded with chunks of cod, scallops and crab...........

"Visiting Sister" got the last two fish cakes in the house, with a side of fresh garden salad---Yummy..............

 None of us had room for dessert,but the dessert menu looked amazing. 
Next time, we'll be more sensible, and not order so much so we can enjoy some dessert as well !!  
Chafe's Landing in Petty Harbour is a delightful place to eat, and most certainly worth the short drive out from the city----we'll be back.   

Thanks Ed, for the "heads-up" on those scrumptious onion rings!!!


Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Ferryland Lighthouse Picnic

Well, I finally got do the Ferryland Lighthouse Picnic!!!!  Not only did I finally get to experience the picnic........I did so with my three sisters, daughter and niece!!! What a "beauty" day we had. Ferryland is about a one hour drive outside the city, but well worth the trek.
We had reservations for 12 noon, so we headed out at about 10 am.  We all piled into hubby's pick-up and yours truly was the pilot!!  We picked up fresh coffees for the road, and had so much fun, just on the drive out.  I won't name the sister who was eating licorice all the way ....but she knows who she is, ha ha!! We were all so delighted with the whole experience that we vowed we would make it an annual event to honor our parent"s birthdays--both Mom and Dad celebrated their birthdays in August. 

It is about a twenty minute hike to get to the lighthouse from where the parking is set up.  It was a very hot day, but we were dressed for it and all had good footwear for the hike. 
When we reached the lighthouse.....
  and took in the breath-taking view, it was unanimous that it was well-worth the trip. 
That was before we even saw the menu!!     
What a novel order your lunch in the lighthouse, and are given a picnic blanket, and a flag that co-ordinates with your order.  You then go back outside and find a spot to eat your lunch, ensuring your flag is visible for the server who will deliver your picnic basket to you.  The menu was amazing, and we all tried to order different desserts so we could all sample each others -- a little "sister" tradition!

We set up our blankets, and it seemed like before we even got settled, the picnic baskets were delivered.

 Delicious, huge sandwiches made with fresh breads baked on site....
  a scrumptious salad..... 
  fresh squeezed lemonade, served in mason jars....
 and magnificent desserts......
 I highly recommend taking the time to give yourself a special treat.  Go to Ferryland and take in the Lighthouse Picnic  It brought back so many great childhood memories of the fabulous outdoor picnics that our mother used to prepare.  She would set out one of her big tablecloths and set it up like a dining table.....with loads of delicious food and special treats!! 
 I think that everything tastes better outdoors!

Throw in the awesome scenery and the special company that day, and my first
 Ferryland Picnic turned into my 
"Fairytale" Picnic!!


Monday, 20 July 2015

31 Candles

Wow---it seems like only a couple of years since we came home with a little bundle of joy all dressed in pink..............

 ....and now, all of a sudden, we need 31 candles on her cake!!!

Where does time go?????  We celebrated in fine style, with a huge garden party in Flatrock.
We decided to start a new tradition, and so it became our first annual "Ward-Fudge" Garden Party.

We had guests coming and going throughout the evening, of all ages, starting as young as three
months and ten months old !!!!! 

 We had lots of great food, and the weather was just right for a nice big backyard fire............


Monday, 13 July 2015

The capelin are rolling at Middle Cove beach!

This is the time of year, in Newfoundland, when the capelin roll in.  Middle Cove Beach is a big tourist attraction at any time, but it was especially busy this past weekend.

There is a great sign, located right at the entrance to Middle Cove Beach, explaining the capelin rolling phenomenon...

 There were quite a few people enjoying the excitement..........

 Hubby and I went over to try for a bucket of capelin...............
....but the capelin were not rolling right in on the beach while we were there.  They were just offshore, but we definitely were not dressed for getting out into the water. 

A few brave souls were actually standing out in that frigid salt water, trying their hand with different types of nets.  They were getting capelin, but it was a slow process.

The seagulls were feasting just offshore....

Click here, to view an awesome video of capelin rolling in on a beach---it's unbelievable!


Sunday, 5 July 2015

Day trip to Bell Island

My sister, niece,daughter and I took a little day trip to Bell Island last Sunday....what a beautiful day!!

Bell Island is a Canadian island located off Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula in Conception Bay.  It is home to three communities, the largest of which is the incorporated town of Wabana.  The provincial government operates a ferry service from Portugal Cove to Bell island daily. It is primarily used by commuters who work in the St. John's metropolitan area.

While waiting at Portugal Cove, for the ferry to bring us across the tickle, I took a shot of this lovely little waterfall.......................

After just a twenty minute ferry ride, here's what we saw as we approached the wharf on the island......
We drove around the island and were amazed at the quiet beauty.  I fell in love with this 
abandoned little house....
The beautiful, weather-beaten, old fences around fields and green pastures....
The scenery is beautiful from every angle......
This was the cherry on the top of my antique fire truck, on display,
outside the local fire house
I would highly recommend, to anyone who has the opportunity, a visit Bell Island.  It is beautiful.